Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mushtaq Peer

Kashmiri’s have demonstrated once again that they are not menial, least than other developed societies. They have social revivalist more superior than Karl Marx in the stone-form of Gulzar Peer and industrialist more superior than Vijay Mallya  in the ugly-form of Mustaq Peer.

Mushtaq Peer has disproved the Romans that Rome was not built in a day (an act that Americans would take thousands of years to master). His wealth making industry is unique because no person has been as successful as he (Farooq Abdullah has not been as successful although his years of slavery and loyalty of the Indian state!).

But, I am surprised to see people, columnists, writers, critiques, social scientists, etc. faming themselves, criticizing him as though he is the first person who has misused his position (and only!). All officers except a few are corrupt in Kashmir. We are well aware of government schools. Recruiting officers have become corepatis. Licences are granted from sources unknown (even officers’ expected children get licences before birth!). Doles and social welfare fund (mundi fund) is received by government employees (otherwise they will have to beg!). This all is before our blind eyes and we are ourselves witness.

What we need is not criticism only but practical approaches to tackle this menace. So, we need some system to prevent it (If you can think of any send it to with your name and address it will be published). We need a change not chaos created by government agencies. We need to strengthen co-operation between ourselves at citizen level, to organize ourselves against it (not Anna Hazare drama).

But we will never be able to organize ourselves against till we are selfish.

                                         by Sameer Ahmad

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Almighty

Made the Earth subservient to tread on
To dig, to cultivate and build on
Made not difficult for people to do
All those things that they can thought of, on
Made the Earth a bed, a resting place
A wide expanse, a fixed abode, a receptacle
Spread the Earth and brought forth water from
Fixed the mountains and placed roads  therein, on
Caused rivers and springs to flow from.

Isn't it His power, the almighty?

                                       by Sameer Ahmad
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"
 Number of U.S. Military PersonnelSacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,397

Cost of War 
in Iraq & Afghanistan

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”   -  Friedrich Nietzsche

Saturday, 23 November 2013

First Sin

That way I committed it
Every day I try to forget it
Anyway I want to leave it
Now I can’t, yeah!
I can’t now.

Day and night I promise Him
I will never commit again it
But when an opportunity is
I forget everything, yeah!

The power of the first time
You will have to regret
Whole of your life
So never ever commit it
Even once in your lifetime.

                   by Sameer Ahmad
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Our Love and Hatred

We Muslims seem to be blind in love and hatred of one another; with one we see only good, with the other only bad.

There are scholars of different opinions. One’s followers love him and hate all others. This way they do not know the flaws of their leader (that scholar) and goodness in others. Scholars themselves blindly give opinions (fatawa) against each other helping chao’s and confusion,  fights and duels between the rival parties (madhabs). Result – real issues of Muslims are not solved nor even touched, exaggerating them and Islam is getting bad name (wise people will never get distracted from real mission of Islam).

Quran gives solution:
“Who listen to speech and follow the best of it. Those are the ones Allah has guided, and those are people of understanding.”    
                                                                (Al Quran Surah az Zumar, 39:18)
Thus, Lord’s instruction is to listen to all of the scholars of Islam with respect but follow only what is the best (if you are of men of understanding!).

                                                                                                by Sameer Ahmad

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Life

Rash driving
TV watching
Just chatting
Over eating
And sleeping
This my life has been
Annoying everyone

So I'm leaving this way
Are you coming right way?
                by Sameer Ahmad

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Feminism – grave of the humanity

Feminism (a movement to save world from the scarcity of cloths by encouraging women not to wear!) has been one of the biggest cause of crimes against women. It has given birth to such customs, fashions and superstitions that have degraded the status of women in our society. She has been reduced to a mere entertaining object for the men (he watches TV, browses internet and goes to parties because women are present, entertaining!). The movement was to reduce the crimes against women. But, studying the statistics available about such crimes, these have not only increased but have taken new forms (that only humans can comprehend!).

According to the U.S Bureau of Justice, CDC and UN’s research dated 6.18.2013, 89,000 (only reported) rapes take place In America annually. Highest number of rapes takes place in Lesotho. The United States is at the sixth place and the United Kingdom at ninth, these are the countries where the movement is at peak. The countries with no or the lowest rape are mostly Arab countries or the countries with the Islamic laws. (In these countries the rate is increasing as the movement is spreading.) In New Delhi alone according to a 2010 study 66 percent of women reported experience of sexual harassment between two to five times during past year1. Further, in the US 83 percent girls aged twelve to sixteen have experienced some form of sexual harassment in public schools1. Also, at least one in four teenage American girls has sexually transmitted disease2.

Femicide has heightened manifolds. In the US one-third of women murdered each year are killed by intimate partners. According to a report of 2007, in India twenty two women are famicided each day. In Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and the US, intimate partner violence accounts for between forty to seventy percent of female murder victims3.

Among the trafficked, women and girls make 90 percent, trafficked for sexual exploitation. Moreover, 100 to 140 million women and girls have faced genital mutilation1.

Thus, thirty five percent women have faced violence worldwide (WHO). Women in urban areas are twice likely to experience violence. Fifty percent of American women (of all ages) lose their virginity before marriage.  Ninety five percent succumb to petting4.

Prof Arnold J Toynbee (World Review, March 1949) proclaims that:
“In history the ages of disintegration were usually the ages in which women left the home.”
Anthony M. Ludivici says that:
“The mere fact that in all periods of decline, woman has always come to fore shows (the historical fact) that feminism is undeniably a phenomenon of male disintegration.” (Woman: A. Yindigration)

(Note: All the statistics is from the sources that promote the movement so highest possible bias is inevitable.)

  2. Lindsay Tanner, a medical reporter with Associated Press.
  4. Dr. Kinsey Report. Google it!
                                                        by Sameer Ahmad
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Saturday, 16 November 2013


Business their was off
They met and agreed on.
They were glad that at last
Where they in a Tavera*
Not knowing, blind in revel.

Suddenly rain came gushing
Darkness descending and deepening
Nothing  visible outside
Nothing they knew happening outside
Only singing, dancing and smoking while driving.

Then death saw an opportunity
Made their way so stunning, gleaming
The path to end, so glistening
That they accelerated on, enjoying
When suddenly they realized
They were descending 
Down into that beautiful yellow water
They were struggling there
But none had expected 
Their happiness destroyed, sailing
End like that.

Death every soul shall taste.
In fortresses highly protected
Or in the cave.

Death keeps seeking
So why be proud?

                     by Sameer Ahmad

Friday, 15 November 2013

Root of all Evils

Satan denied to bow down before Adam because of self-glory or arrogance or ego defying his Lord's order (that is why our government leaders even if Muslims defy His orders!!). He desired self-glory because he is of scorching fire while Adam of dried clay.

This self-glory nature is an enemy of even unity. Unity of Muslims has been and is being axed down by it. There are thousands of conflicts heated by thousands of scholars of thousands of natures to preserve their self-glory. They give their opinions and views (futawa's) against each other, worshiping their self-glory (not realizing that they are treading Satan's way!).

Abu Lahab denied to accept Islam (not a religion but peace, security and real democracy) to safeguard his high status. Then he resorted to cruelty because his chair was at stake. And, because he would not be able to embezzle money, force slavery, commit adultery, drink wine and commit any crime he desired (America and Israel are two sons of him!).

There are conflicts between brothers, neighbors, relatives, friends, villages, nations, governments, leaders, employers, employees, sons, fathers, daughters and daughters-in-law. Hence, everywhere between everybody; among ourselves and with each other.Result -the whole humanity is at the verge of destruction.

If you take a cursory look at any evil committed in any society you will realize that it is committed for self-glory (separatism is also an important factor). We too commit various evils and sins because of it. It is real root of all the evils. So nip this evil as early as possible in the bud.

                                        by Sameer Ahmad

Thursday, 14 November 2013

May You Die!

What is the job of a civil servant (not to sleep till noon!)? Is he to serve the citizens or are the citizens to serve him (not only with cash!)? Is it justified that he comes office at noon (because he polishes his wife’s shoes!)? Can he leave office any time in a day? Can he lie his customers (because we are fools!)? All this and more are the only chores attended by our civil service officers.

I realized this when I had to get sealed  a document by the Block Development Officer. He came at 12:30 pm. Before that a few persons called him on phone. He lied many times that he has just reached the office but never kept his word. I had to postpone my other appointments because I was waiting him since 10 O’clock morning. I just cursed him and others cursed him (it was entertaining and kept us engaged till he came!). I had never cursed anyone nor I know the proper words but I cursed him words I myself do not know the meaning of .(I even called him bastard before others.)

I also realized that these officers are worth a curse. Such officers worth is only attached to their chair. They are only flattered by the people to get their work done. Outside before a crowd they are cursed, their family is cursed and their every relative is cursed.

But they love money and curses. So let they be cursed!
By Sameer Ahmad

Moral Education

 Once a woman was walking down a street with his 12 year old daughter holding her index figure with chubby little left hand. After crossing a small distance she saw a hanky on the road. It was new but it seemed that it had fallen mistakenly from someone. She seeing the best opportunity to teach her daughter a moral lesson to blend her character, she ordered her to take this hanky to a nearest police booth so that it could be taken to its owner. Her daughter later on became an example of morality, chastity and character.

The woman and daughter where ordinary citizens of Japan’s Tokyo city. The Japan's strength is its citizen’s moral well being. It is less developed as compared to USA but there are least number of crimes perpetrated that makes it more peaceful and secure country in the world. There are least number of underfed citizens.  There are no old age houses which is a shame on USA where due to moral degradation parents are thrown out of their houses disregarding their years of struggle to built it.

We too want to build our children morally but we leave everything to teachers to give them boring lessons on moral issues. What they learn is that these moral principles are to be remembered like historical facts. They do not know their practical applications and consequences. Result—they are morally corrupt.

We must exploit every opportunity to teach them moral lessons in the practical field of life. For example, a father could give his child an unpacked candy box to keep it with him for sometime and return it back after the expiry of that time. This way he can test his child’s patience, honesty and loyalty.

by Sameer Ahmad


Democracy is death of humanity. The word itself scares me. Following is a song I always sing on the Independence day but no one listens me (this itself is democracy!). No freedom of thoughts, no freedom to live or say something is mine. Save humanity from this wine!

When I think, thoughts scare me
When I sleep dreams chill me
When I go out of my house
I feel smell of death all around.

When I put my head in that loving lap
I fear to lose those glorious eyes.

When I sing songs to cheer
Those bold pearls adorn my eyes.

A look at the nature’s pride
The panorama makes me sick.

Only question that arises
Is this the democracy is all about?

By Sameer Ahmad

Divine Saints!

If you come across a person claiming divinity although outwardly he seems not so, will you believe him? Well, today I realized that our brains (not mine!) have not matured even when the advancement, education and modernity are rampant.

Be it Gulzar Peer or the Hindu Asaram Bapu, we are too gullible to fall prey to such divine (read satanic) personalities.

Recently I was introduced to such a person by my aunt. He claimed that he will take us to paradise even if we are severely guilty. In return he wanted us to invite him to our house as often as he ordered (his belly is twenty five feet across!). He claimed that he saw prophet Muhammad (PBUH) just then claiming he was flying on Jibreel’s back (he has hypermetropia!). He claims to have visited paradise many times (so he will be thrown into hell now!). All his claims where baseless with no proof or evidence.

I was dumbfounded to see my aunt and other high classed women and men kissing his feet and nodding in agreement. My own aunt is a teacher and high qualified person. She succumbed to his obvious unbelievable facts.

These satan’s get acceptance and prestige in our society because we are too lazy to do things ourselves. We want everything must happen itself miraculously. We want to sleep in cozy beds and leave everything in the hands of these fake Bapus (and in Kashmir, in the hands of Bapus and Biharis!). We want these people to miraculously solve all of our problems even if we can solve them by our own efforts ( and all problems can be solved only through our hard work).

This nature of ours is very devastating for our survival. We have tasted its bitterness ( Gulzar Peer’s and Asaram Bapu’s mercy!). Are we waiting for more? When will we shun this laziness and gullibility and act according to facts? Nature shows us true paths and we must tread it with our efforts.

By Sameer Ahmad